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Product Details:
Package Length: 6.8 inches
Package Width: 3.8 inches
Package Height: 1.0 inches
Package Weight: 0.55 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 16 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 16 customer reviews )
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5Great Organic chocolate dropsSep 02, 2010
By Benjamin Franklin "sleepdoctor"
I was worried about ordering this by mail in both July and August during record breaking heat spells here in Michigan. However, Taylor's Market shipped them in insulated envelopes containing an ice pack. The pack was melted on arrival, but not the chocolate drops. This is expensive chocolate, and it is organic and fair trade, but it is INCREDIBLE in the recipe for Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream. It's the only kind I've tried so far, and I'm planning on trying the Frontier cocoa powder (though I haven't figured out how to melt the cocoa powder like I do the chips).
It's a great product that is well handled in the shipping process.

I have now tried Green and Black Organic chocolate bars, both the 70% and the 85%. And while they are both great chocolate, for some reason they don't give me the same smooth chocolate ice cream that the Dagoba chocolate drops do. Much of the chocolate hardens when mixing it, so it almost turns out like chocolate chip. If you are making chocolate ice cream, I'd use the Dagoba chocolate (when you can get it).

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5Fair Trade - Dagoba chocolate - Organic - 73% CacaoNov 11, 2011
By Linda Lander
I'm a self-confessed chocoholic. I only eat dark chocolate and I eat less than the 1 oz. recommended to keep it healthy. I learned a long time ago that chocolate must have at least 70% cacao for any health value. Many people eat milk chocolate thinking it's healthy but they are mistaken. I don't eat it for the health value. I eat it because I love the rich flavor. My husband has been buying another brand of chocolate in the form of dark chocolate chips from the grocery store so I won't eat too much at one time. I like the chocolate chips he buys but discovered one day that it only had 60% Cacao in it. I went online to look for chocolate chips that had at least 70% and discovered Dagoba. I buy Fair Trade and organic products when they are available no matter what the products are. When I saw the ad that described Dagoba chocolate drops and saw that it had more than 70% Cacao (it has 73%) I was sold. I also know that the more cacao in chocolate the less sugar it contains and I try to limit the amount of sugar I eat. These drops aren't shaped like chocolate chips but they're about the same size and they taste divine. The first time I ate a few pieces I was in love. I'm savoring the drops and eating only a few each day because I can't afford to buy Dagoba often. It's too expensive for me to eat every day. If I didn't want chocolate that I could eat daily maybe it wouldn't seem so expensive. If you want great flavor, Fair Trade and Organic chocolate, you'll love Dagoba Chocolate drops.

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5Tell me you don't like chocolate!Jun 18, 2009
By Debra Carr "Peace and Good Health"
If you're into good quality organic chocolate...this is it. Rich dark flavor, no bitterness. Bakes great. Makes some fabulous chocolate chunk cookies. And...they are Gluten Free. Yummo!

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4Delicious! Just wish it was sold in bulk...Mar 21, 2011
By Ellen D.
I use Dagoba chocodrops in all my recipes that call for chocolate. I love Elana Amsterdam's recipe for chocolate chips scones; I make them at least 3-4 times/mth & I always use Dagoba chocolate in them. My only complaint is that the 8 oz bags are so small; I always end up buying 6 bags at a time for approx $60 (including shipping). Whatever happened to being able to buy items in bulk for a reduced price? But that's my only complaint about these tiny bags of delicious chocolate! The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5deliciousJul 05, 2010
By CJan
these are simply delicious. if you like dark chocolate you will love these. i've had trouble finding good organic chocolate chips (some other brands I've tried have tasted... funny... and a little... crunchy in a weird way) but these just taste like high quality chocolate. yum.

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